CompTIA PenTest+

Learn the techniques necessary to identify and mitigate security vulnerabilities across diverse IT environments.

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Course details

Course duration:

16 weeks

Assessment & awards:

CompTIA Pen Test+ Certification

Method of Study

Online, part-time

Register for Course

New users will need to create a free account and fill in a short form on FETCH, Ireland's Further Education and Training Hub.

This course accepts continuous enrolments, so once registered, you can begin learning immediately.

Course Description

This course is designed to equip learners with the tools, techniques, and methodologies necessary to identify and mitigate security vulnerabilities across diverse IT environments. This course will prepare learners for real-world cybersecurity scenarios and empower them to contribute to the ongoing efforts to secure digital assets and protect against cyber threats. 

The outcomes of the CompTIA Pentest+ online course encompass a comprehensive set of skills and knowledge areas essential for conducting effective penetration tests. From planning and scoping, to executing attacks and exploits, learners will develop proficiency in various aspects of cybersecurity testing. 

Upon completion of this course you will be able to: 

  • Develop comprehensive strategies for planning and scoping penetration tests, including defining objectives, identifying target systems, and establishing rules of engagement. 
  • Utilise advanced techniques and tools to gather information about target systems, networks, and applications. 
  • Conduct vulnerability scans to identify potential security weaknesses and entry points for exploitation. 
  • Demonstrate proficiency in executing various types of attacks and exploits, including network-based attacks, web application attacks, and wireless attacks. 
  • Understand common attack vectors and techniques used by malicious actors to compromise systems and networks. 
  • Effectively communicate findings, recommendations, and remediation strategies through comprehensive penetration test reports. 
  • Translate technical vulnerabilities and risks into non-technical language for stakeholders, enabling informed decision-making. 
  • Master the use of penetration testing tools and frameworks to conduct thorough security assessments. 
  • Perform code analysis to identify security vulnerabilities in applications and software components. 

How it Works

Who can take this course?

This course is available to all adults over the age of 18 resident in the Republic of Ireland.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up for this course by visiting FETCH, Irelands Further Education and Training Hub. You will have to register for an account before you can begin the course.

Who is the provider for this course?

The provider for this course is Cenit College, and your learning will be delivered through the eCollege online learning environment. When you complete your application you will receive an email with your access details, and when you log into the platform you will see details of how to contact your course tutor. You can contact your course tutor at any time, or reach out to Cenit College directly at 

Does the course have prerequisites? 

You are required to have completed at least the CompTIA Security+ certification (coming soon to eCollege) or equivalent. If you do not have this qualification but have prior industry experience in networking or IT administration, you may be granted access to the course.  

If you do not have any of the above, you should first complete the CompTIA Network+ and then the CompTIA Security+ courses. 

Does this course have tutor support?

Yes, this course is supported by an online tutor who you will have access to during the course.

What's the exam like for this course?

The exam is taken online and is 165 minutes in duration. There are up to 85 questions with a pass mark of 750 (on a scale of 100-900). 

Do I need specific hardware or software?

You will require access to a PC or laptop running a supported version of Microsoft Windows (the most recent version is Windows 11) or MacOS (the most recent version is Sonoma). 

No specific software is required for this course, although the course tutor may suggest the use of some free tools.